One Day Bank Strike on 26th December

Bank employees have been stripped about the one-day strike strike on 26th of the country.

The central government has decided to merge with Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank. Bank employees’ unions are ending this challenge. The bankers’ unions have been involved in striking strike last Friday with the outcome of the move. Sumani 3.20 lakh participants were present. Thus bank operations were affected.

In this case, the unions of nine government and private banks have announced a one-day strike strike on 26th. Concerned over the issue of banks and banking customers, the Bank said, It will also harm both sides.

The government wants to create a bigger bank all the banks. Even if all public sector banks are linked together, the bank can not enter the top 10 in the world. Banks will close the link and close the branches of those banks.

Customers will be severely affected if they are closed. So we have decided that we have decided to go on strike on 26th, which denounces the banking scheme.

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