Junk or Treasure? How to Turn that Old Car into Something Special

old car

Selling an old car can be a difficult experience. Few buyers will offer you a respectable amount for a vehicle that is nearing the end of its life. In this scenario, your best plan of action is to hide all traces of your car’s age. These three tips will help you turn that old piece of junk into something special.

Clean It from Top to Bottom

Even though a vehicle’s appearance doesn’t always correspond with its ability to perform, most buyers are impressed by cleanliness. Before you start reaching out to potential buyers, make sure your car is looking as close to new as it possibly can. This will require a waxed and polished body, shiny tires, and dirt-free hubcaps.

Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your car’s interior. Potential buyers are likely to analyze every one of your vehicle’s interior flaws and use them as leverage to bargain the price down. Replacing dirty floor mats and removing stains on upholstery can end up saving you hundreds of dollars. Remember that household cleaning products can do more harm than good. Make sure to get your hands on vehicle-specific cleaners and shampoos.

Fix What You Can

Many drivers go months or years without fixing minor issues that crop up during a car’s lifetime. When you’re looking to sell an old car, those minor issues are magnified. This is the time to replace all burnt-out lights and make other simple repairs. It’s also important to consider the value of making some costlier repairs. For example, if your car’s air conditioner is blown-out, get an estimate on how much a repair would cost. Do the math, and determine if paying for a repair is worthwhile.

Buy Car Parts Online

When you’re considering repairs for your vehicle, new parts will often be a requirement. Some companies, like U Pull & Pay, know that before letting your auto shop sell you anything, try buying car parts online. This is a great way to find deals while putting together the final pieces for the sale.

Prepare All Your Documents

This phase of the selling process will be more valuable if you’ve kept a paper trail of your car’s history. Buyers are always interested in seeing proof of the maintenance your car has received. If you have no beneficial documents, type up a rough history of the work you’ve had done. You can also use CarFax to verify other parts of your vehicle’s history. The point of this documentation is to prove your car has been in good hands.

Though it can be tempting to throw an old car onto the market as-is, doing some basic preparation can significantly increase your bargaining power. With these tips, even a piece of junk can become the special gem that buyers can’t pass up.

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