Chennai HC Grants Bail To AR Murugadoss

The Supreme Court of India has issued a bail application to director AR Murugadoss.

AR. Murugadoss’s pre-trial bail plea came to the hearing today. The Murugadoss’s lawyer said that the court should order the bail before the Supreme Court order that the Supreme Court order not to take any action against AR Murugadoss.

He also said that the court has granted financial condition. Judge Ilurandayan, who accepted the attorney’s opinion, ordered the janine before Murugadoss.

The Tamil Nadu government in the film Sarkar released to actor Vijay. The case has been filed against activist AR Murugadoss, who has a strong scrutiny of the free plans offered to the public. Before the case, the bail was filed by A. R Murudas in the High Court. Judge Ilanthirayan who ordered the petition, ordered the arrest of Murugadas.

Last year, Murugadoss was forced to apologize for criticizing the government’s plans in Sarkar and insisted on filing a warrant that he would not set footage of the government’s plans and government in future films. But Murugadoss refused to claim and apologize.

In this case, the bail plea of ‚Äč‚ÄčMurugadoss before the bail was reopened. The jailor ordered the jail before the judge Judge Ilurandayan Murugadoss. Following that, Murudas has been imposed on the condition that the trial needs to appear before the Central Crime Branch.

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